ThyroChek (TSH)

ThyroChek® is a simple, rapid, one-step whole-blood test for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH).

It is designed to detect TSH levels at or above 5ml U/L and is intended to be used by healthcare professionals as a screening tool for primary hypothyroidism in adults.

ThyroChek may be the only thyroid function test required for many patients, as in adults, TSH level increase before T3 and T4 decrease.

Hypothyroidism, if left untreated, may result in cardiac disease, depression, obesity, or reproductive issues. There is also a risk of diabetes or other autoimmune diseases.

Patients often describe themselves as feeling ‘SLUGGISH’ and may show some of the following symptoms:

Sleepiness, fatigue
Loss of memory, trouble concentrating
Unusually dry skin
Gradual personality change, depression
Increase in weight
Sensitivity to the cold
Hair loss


For information on the cost of these products, please speak to a representative on +44 (0)1793 840073 and quote the following Product code.

Code Description Pack size
120-A ThyroChek Box of 20

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